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Test 3


Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

1.In the ruins of the castle a book____

the 14th century royal family life was founded.

A. prescribing B. ascribing

C. depicting D. illustrating

2.I felt sorry that he had the ____ that I was cheating him.

A. motive B. notification

C. notion D. nightmare

3.Madame Curie ____ all her life to scientific research.

A. engaged B. attributed

C. dedicated D. addicted

4.On behalf of world peace, any international dispute should be settled by ____ or political means instead of by forces.

A. diplomatic B. dramatic

C. fantastic D. automatic

5.Parents should be cautious about their words and actions, for their children may ____ their behaviours.

A. react B. resist C. interpret D. duplicate

6.We can make full use of waste oil by ____ essences from it.

A. purifying B. refraining

C. distilling D. transmitting

7.All the world was ____ about the motive of the country to interfere in the dispute.

A. discrete B. subtle

C. confidential D. dubious

8.The Republicans ____ the congress at present time.

A. major B. transfer C. dominate D. overtake

9.According to the doctors____, he had got a light flu epidemic.

A. diagnosis B. synopsis C. synthesis D. thesis

10.The little boy was ____ at her mothers words because she for the first time in her life lost her temper.

A. encouraged B. consolidated

C. dismayed D. disapproved

11.A ship is in great danger. Please point out the ships exact ____.

A. locality B. hazard C. loss D. district

12.Im not sure that his business is strictly ____ for there is no definite stipulation in the related law.

A. legitimate B. reliable

C. obedient D. workable

13.Its known to all that the sun ____ light and heat, which are essential to the growth of plants on earth.

A. sprays B. absorbs C. radiates D. reflects

14.In ____, the experiment was more difficult than we had imagined.

A. response B. retrospect

C. consequence D. particular

15.For fear of being scolded by the teacher, the boy gave a ____ excuse for his absence.

A. liberal B. temporary C. lame D. disabled

16.The broadcast was ____ to Europe so

that people in that region could hear our voice.

A. relayed B. exported

C. transferred D. transported

17.The three men were given different work according to their ____ abilities.A. identical B. respectable

C. respective D. respectful

18.He ____ whether the articles exhibited at the back of the department store were for sale.

A. demanded B.inquired C.required D.requested

19.The defeated army had to ____ hastily from the battle field to the mountainous area.

A. retrieve B. resign C. retreat D. quit

20.Your teacher is still very weak, so do not ____ your visit.

A. delay B. lengthen C. shorten D. prolong

21.He ____ enough information on his tour of South America to write a book.A. compiled B. packed C. edited D. assembled

22.Having suffered a lot of setbacks, he was getting too ____ to trust others.A. optimistic B. cynical

C. pessimistic D. solitary

23.Its____ to send cards to relatives and friends during the Christmas season.A. experimental B. superior

C. liberal D. customary

24.The complete ____ in Grade 4 includes computer, philosophy, paper writing and translation.

A. curriculum B. subject

C. procedure D. profession

25.Adult as he is, he hasnt learned to ____ his temper.

A. resist B. retreat C. curb D. irritate

26.The robbers had just broken into the store, when the alarm rang, right on ____.

A. shift B. saleC. purpose D. cue

27.The ____ of the poet, the artist and the writer often bring fame without wealth.

A. discoveries B. creations

C. inventions D. revisions

28.Cigarette smoking is a major factor ___ to cancer.

A. attributing B. contributing

C. distributing D. constituting

29.He dreamed of being a newspaperman, even a foreign ____.

A. correspondent B. diplomat

C. press D. principal

30.To show our friendliness, we gave our ____ welcome to the delegation composed of visiting scholars.

A. gorgeous B. gentle

C. cordial D. innumerable



【参考译文】 在古堡的废墟中发现了一本描述14世纪皇室生活的书。

【试题分析】 此题既为近义词辨析题。C也可换成describing。

【详细解答】 depict描写:a booklet depicting rural landscape一本描写田园风

光的小册子。A. prescribe开药。B. ascribe常用于被动,见于be ascribed to,归功()

于。D. illustrate图解:explain by illustration借图解说明;illustrate the book给书配插图。句中的lifebook之间的纽带关系是书描述生活。故选C。


【参考译文】 我心里很难受,他竟然有这种认为我在骗他的想法。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,根据句意比较容易找出答案。

【详细解答】 notion想法,概念:have no notion of对……一无所知。have the notion that…相当于have the idea that…认为……:She has a notion that men should not wear perfume.她认为男人不该搽香水。A. motive动机。B. notification通知,notify

的名词形式。D. nightmare恶梦。


【参考译文】 居里夫人将毕生精力都献给了科学研究。

【试题分析】 此题考搭配辨析。在此题中四个选项均能与介词“to”搭配


【详细解答】 dedicate贡献,常用于dedicate oneself to一心扑在。A. engage常用于

be engaged in忙于;be engaged to sb.与……订婚。B. attribute常接介词to,表示归因于。D. addict常见于词组be addicted to沉溺于。


【参考译文】 为了世界和平,任何国际争端应当通过政治或外交途径来解决,而不是诉诸武力。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 diplomatic外交的。B. dramatic戏剧的,夸张的:dramatic criticism戏剧评论;dramatic gestures夸张的手势。C. fantastic离奇的,出色的:fantastic dreams怪异的梦;a fantastic fall一条壮观的瀑布。D. automatic自动的。故选diplomatic才跟political最接近,也符合题意。


【参考译文】 父母得小心自己的言行,因为小孩会模仿。

【试题分析】 此题为动词辨析题,根据题干中“cautious”和常理来判断。

【详细解答】 duplicate模仿,复制:duplicate tapes复制磁带。A. react (to)对…作

出反应:I reacted to his anger with silence.我对他的气愤沉默以对。B. resist抵制

resist ones actions抵制(怨恨)某人的举动。C. interpret口译,理解:interpret A as B A解释为B


【参考译文】 我们可以通过从废油中提取精华来充分利用它。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析,AC易混淆,题干中“waste oil”为


【详细解答】 distill提取,蒸馏:distilled water蒸馏水。distill sth. from

从……中提取……。A. purify净化:purify polluted water净化污水;purify water of harmful chemicals消除水中有害的化学物质。B. refrain限制,阻止:refrain from spitting约束(自己)不吐痰。D. transmit传送:transmit disease传染疾病。


【参考译文】 全世界对该国干预这场争端的动机持怀疑态度。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 dubious怀疑的:be dubious about怀疑。A. discrete彼此

不相干的:two discrete banks无往来的银行。B. subtle隐约的;清淡的:a subtle flavour淡雅的芬芳。C. confidential保密的:confidential files机密文件。本句中对动机(motive)所持的态度——怀疑(dubious)。全世界都对该国干预这场争端的动机持怀疑态度。


【参考译文】 共和党人现在在国会中占主导地位。

【试题分析】 此题为动词辨析题,注意overtaketake over不一样。

【详细解答】 dominate主导:The father dominates the family.父亲当家作主。A

. major (in)主修。B. transfer转移:transfer from one club to another从一个俱乐部转至另一俱乐部。D. overtake赶超:overtake sb.追上某人。故选C


【参考译文】 根据医生的诊断,他患轻度流感。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析,题干中“doctor”已揭示了答案为哪一选项。

【详细解答】 diagnosis诊断。B. synopsis概要:synopsis of Act One(

戏剧)第一幕之简介。C. synthesis合成:make plastics by synthesis用合成的方法制造塑料。D. thesis主题,论文。跟医生和疾病相联系的当然是diagnosis。


【参考译文】 小男孩对母亲的话大吃一惊,因为她生平头一遭发了脾气。

【试题分析】 此题为动词词义辨析题,根据题干中“lost her temper


【详细解答】 dismay使吃惊,一般表示使担忧,失望或心烦:be dismayed at/by

…惊奇不已;对…沮丧。A. encourage鼓舞:be greatly encouraged by倍受鼓舞。B. con

solidate联合:a consolidated government联合政府。D. disapprove (of)不赞成:I dis

approved of his plan.我不赞成他的计划。可以排除BD两个相差甚远的选项,再则,对



【参考译文】 一艘船处于危难之中,请指出其准确位置。

【试题分析】 此题可根据句意,用排除法来做。

【详细解答】 locality位置;发生地;所在地。B. hazard危险;冒险:at all hazards不顾任何危险。C. loss损失:loss of blood失血。D. district地区。题中说“指出确切的位置”,而不是其所处的大致地区,故不能选D。


【参考译文】 我不知道他的生意是否完全合法,因为在相关法律中无明确


【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 legitimate合法的;亲生的。B. reliable可靠的。reliable填入题中也讲

得通,但与law则联系不紧,不及legitimate直接明了。C. obedient服从的;听话的:obedient children听话的孩子们。D. workable可使用的;可行的。CD则与法律中的规定挂不上钩。本句的关键词:the related law相关的法律,A为最佳选择。


【参考译文】 众所周知太阳发光发热,这是地球上植物生长必不可少的。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,四个选项均与“light”搭配,要根


【详细解答】 radiates辐射(光或热);从中心发散。A. sprays()B. absorbs吸收。

D. reflects反射。根据常识太阳是发光发热的,而不是喷射(吸收、反射)光和热,故C为正确选择。


【参考译文】 现在回想起来,这个实验比我们原来想象的更难。

【试题分析】 此题为词组辨析题,四个选项均能与“in”搭配,要根据句


【详细解答】 retrospect回顾。in retrospect回顾(主要指回首过去的事

)A. response回答:in response to your inquiry答复你的咨询。C. consequence(某事的)后果;影响:in consequence (of)结果;因而。D. particular特殊的:in particular特别地;尤其。根据题意,试验事实上的难度与我们以前想象的难度进行对比,这本身就是一种回顾。


【参考译文】 为逃避老师的责备,他为自己的缺席找了一个站不住脚的借口。

【试题分析】 此题主要考形容词词义辨析,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 lame(指辩解,论据等)不能说服人的。A. liberal慷慨的;

大方的;充足的:a liberal supply of food食物的充分供给。B. temporary临时的;暂时的:temporary employment临时工作。D. disabled残废的:disabled exservice men残废的退役军人。本句中:语境是怕责备,找的借口是靠得住或靠不住(lame),而不是临时(temporary)


【参考译文】 这个节目被转播到欧洲,使这一地区的人都能听到我们的声音。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,题干中“broadcast”为关键词。

【详细解答】 relayed转播(从另一台收到的广播节目)。这个广播节目被

转播到欧洲,使这一地区的人民能听到我们的声音。B. export出口(一般指商品等的出口)C. tran

sfer转移;迁移(一般指地理位置等的变更)D. transport运输。


【参考译文】 根据各自的能力,他们三人被分配到不同的地方工作。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,BCD为同根形容词,意义却相差甚远。

【详细解答】 respective各自的。A. identical同一的。显然这与题中的


相悖(因为无转折关系)B. respectable有身份的;受尊重的;体面的。D. respectful表示尊敬的;有礼貌的:respectful behavior有礼貌的行为。


【参考译文】 他询问商店后面的商品是否出售。

【试题分析】 此题BCD为形近词,AC为近义词。题干中“whether”为关键词。

【详细解答】 inquire询问:inquire of sb. the reason for sth.问某

人某事的原因。A. demand要求(语气很重,含强求,催促之意)C. require要求;需要。D. request(客气地)请求(ask正式)。本句中whether暗示是询问。


【参考译文】 吃了败仗的军队不得不匆忙从战场撤退至山区。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,BCD均有“退”的意思。

【详细解答】 retreat撤退。尤指军队的撤退。吃了败仗的军队不得不匆

忙从战场撤退至山区。A. retrieve取回;重新得到;补救:retrieve an error补救错误;retrieve a lost piece of luggage找回一件遗失的行李。B. resign();放弃(要求等)resign ones job辞去工作;resign from the Cabinet辞去阁员之职。D. quit停止。


【参考译文】 老师还很虚弱,不要逗留太长时间。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,BD为近义词,题干中“visit”为关键词。

【详细解答】 prolong sth.延长某活动的时间。prolong a meeting into

midnight把会一直开到午夜。A. delay延期;延误(使某活动不能按正常时间进行):delay the meeting把会议延期(举行)B. lengthen加长某物体的长度:lengthen a skirt把裙子放长。C. shorten缩短,其反义词为lengthen。老师还很虚弱,当然逗留的时间不能长。prolong...visit搭配正确。


【参考译文】 他将关于自己南美州旅行的足够资料汇总成书。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,题干中“information”和“book”为关键词。

【详细解答】 compile编纂(书、字典等);汇集(事实、信息等)成册()compile

a dictionary编一本字典;These tables are compiled from actual observations.这些表格是由实际观测结果汇编而成的。B. pack捆扎,将…打包:pack clothes into a trunk

将服饰打包装进大衣箱。C. edit编辑(已写好的文章或著作);校订:edit the complete

works of Luxun编辑鲁迅全集。D. assemble集合,召集,装配:assemble forces调集兵力;assemble the parts of a machine装配机器零件。此题是将资料汇总成书,而非将文章编辑成书,故A为最佳答案。


【参考译文】 经历太多挫折以后,他变得愤世嫉俗,以致于不能相信别人。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 cynical愤世嫉俗的:be cynical about life对生活愤世嫉

俗。A.optimistic乐观 向上的:Therere optimistic signs for my future.有迹象表明我的前景乐观。C. pessimistic悲观的:pessimistic view悲观主义的看法。D. solitary孤独的:a solitary walk独自散步。本题

中:Having suffered a lot of setbacks经历太多的挫折,可能使人悲观(pessimistic)对前途无望,但不相信别人不是太悲观,而是认为挫折是别人造成的,因此怨天尤人,愤世嫉俗,故B为最佳答案。


【参考译文】 在西方,圣诞季节给亲友送卡片是惯例。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意和常识来判断。

【详细解答】 customary合乎习惯的,惯常的。A. experimental试验()的;实验()的:an experimental farm/flight实验农场/试飞。B. superior较好的,较优越的:My watch is superior to yours.我的手表质量比你

的好。C. liberal开明的,慷慨大方的:be liberal with/of ones money用钱大方。给亲友送卡片是习俗,谈不上慷慨大方。


【参考译文】 四年级的全部课程包括计算机、哲学、论文写作和翻译。

【试题分析】 此题为同类词辨析题,AB均与“课程”有关。

【详细解答】 curriculum(学校等的全部)课程,或某一学科的全部课程:

the curriculum of arts文科课程。B. subject(所修课程中具体的)科目,学科:We have to take at least ten subjects.我们必须修至少十门学科。C.procedure程序;手续;步骤:legal procedure法律程序;procedure in production生产步骤。D. profession职业:an athlete by profession职业运动员。本题讲的是四年级的全部课程,completein Grade 4暗示



【参考译文】 尽管他是成年人,但他没有学会控制自己的脾气。

【试题分析】 此题为动词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 curb约束,控制(感情,脾气等)curb ones impatience

控制不耐烦情绪。A. resist抵抗,反抗,拒绝:resist the invasion抵抗侵略;忍耐,忍住(诱惑等),常用否定式:I cant resist sweet things.我喜欢甜食。B.retreat撤退,退却:retreat from reality逃避现实。D. irritate(使)烦恼,烦躁:be irritated by ones insolence对某人的傲慢无礼恼火。本句要点,尽管他是成年人,但有些方面不像成年人,那就是cant curb his temper不能控制自己的脾气。


【参考译文】 抢劫犯刚闯进商店,警报就响了。

【试题分析】 此题为词组辨析题,可根据句意用排除法来做。

【详细解答】 on cue恰在…时候:Right on cue the boss came in.恰在

这时,老板进来了。A. on shift轮班:on the night shift值夜班。B. on sale出售;廉价出售:The book is on sale today.这本书今天大减价。C. on purpose故意地:I didnt hurt you on purpose.我不是故意要伤你的。


【参考译文】 诗人、艺术家和作家的作品常使人成名而非带来财富。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,根据句意来判断。D为陪衬项。

【详细解答】 creation创立;创造(作品)(智力,想象力的)产物;(

指运用自己的知识想象去创作)artistic creation艺术创造的作品。A. discovery发现,找出某些客观存在但不为人知的东西。C. invention发明(制造以前不存在的东西)D. revision修订,修改(书籍,方案等)the revision of draft修订草案。


【参考译文】 吸烟是导致癌症的主要因素。

【试题分析】 此题为词组辨析题,ABC为形近词,AB均能与“to”搭配。

【详细解答】 contribute (to)贡献;促成作用。A. attribute sth. to sth.把…归因于:He attributed his success to hard work.他把自己的成功归因于自己的努力。C. distribute分发;分配;分布:distribute the test paper/the work分发试卷/分配工作。D. constitute构成:This constitutes a direct threat to them.这对他们构成了直接威胁。本题要点:介词to暗示了只能在AB中选择,而A. attribute sth. to sth.把某事的结果归因于某事,句中factor已经表明某原因,因此只能选B。


【参考译文】 他梦想成为一名新闻工作者,甚至是驻外记者。

【试题分析】 此题为名词辨析题,题干中“newspaperman”为线索词。

【详细解答】 correspondent新闻记者,通讯员。B. diplomat外交官。C. press报刊;

出版社;通讯社:Oxford University Press牛津大学出版社。D. principal负责人,校长

the principal of the local school当地学校校长。在本题的并列结构中,与新闻工作



【参考译文】 为了表达我们的友好态度,我们热情欢迎这个由来访学者组成的代表团。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,题干中“welcome”为提示语。

【详细解答】 cordial友好的,热情的:be cordial to any one对任何人

都很友好。A. gorgeous令人愉快的;豪华的;美丽的:gorgeous day/dining room愉快的一天/豪华的餐厅。B.gentle和蔼的,轻柔的(指性情,声音等)a gentle breeze和风。D. innumerable数不清的(修饰可数名词)Therere innumerable stars in the sky.天空中的星星数不清。通常warmcordialwelcome连用,故C为正确答案。

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