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Test 2

Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

1.Eggs were on sale, and the shoppers ____the bargain.

A. snatched up B. snapped up

C. smashed up D. summoned up


2.He soon made a ____ for himself on the stage.

A. popularity B. fame C. reputation D. respect


3.Violence in the local prison has____ two lives.

A. removed B. taken

C. cost D. slaughtered


4.The unpleasant taste ____ in his mouth for hours.

A. lingered B. prolonged C. rested D. vanished


5.His ____ book will deal with industrial relations.

A. eventual B. actual

C. forthcoming D. prompt


6.I just managed to ____ a quick breath before I was sucked under the water by the passing boat.

A. gain B. possess C. grab D. snatch


7.The waterskier____ over the water.

A. skimmed B. floated C. drifted D. swam


8.Have you seen my sons latest ____ to his stamp collection?

A. accumulation B. acquisition

C. exhibit D. edition


9.The noise was so ____ that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it.

A. dim B. gentle C. faint D. definite


10.A ____ change in policy is needed if relations are ever to improve.

A. severe B. violent C. drastic D. strict


11.When you choose a piece of cloth, the most important thing that you should pay attention to is its ____.

A. style B. texture C. textile D. content


12.My mother came here only for a____ stay. She would fly to Los Angeles the next day.

A. shortened B. prolonged C. premature D. transient


13.She cast her eyes round the room in ____ of a chair to sit in.

A. question B. quest

C. demand D. requirement


14.You must be very careful. The work ____ precision.

A. retails B. repels C. retains D. entails


15.She knows a lot of young men, but it isnt easy to choose a/an ____ one who is both rich and attractive.

A. diligent B. qualified C. eligible D. elegant


16.He was ____ about the spring outing, but he came back quite depressed and said he shouldnt have joined in it.

A. enthusiastic B. fantastic

C. courageous D. discouraged


17.____ the chance and the money, Id come and see you in New York in the foreseeable future.

A. With regard to B. Considering

C. Given D. Assuming


18.She is fond of ____, so dont approach her and tell her what troubles you. Shell make it known to all.

A. comment B. gossip C. speech D. appraisal


19.The old man was kind and ____ enough to help the children cross the street.

A. gracious B. graceful C. timid D. lively


20.The rising of prices will ____ off demands for pay increases.

A. trail B. switch C. trigger D. nudge


21.The wind ____ the clouds and the sun was again visible.

A. dispersed B. distributed

C. displaced D. displayed


22.She admired the director to such an extent that she took his words as ____ oracles.

A. divine B. rebellious

C. faithful D. unbearable


23.The wreckage of the exploded car____

the traffic.

A. interfered B. interpreted

C. disrupted D. corrupted


24.It was a close boxing game, but the boxer in blue was ____ to be the winner by three of the four referees.

A. destined B. deemed C. doomed D. adapted


25.Im acting as ____ while the manager is away on business.

A. agency B. policy C. deputy D. colleague


26.His ____ personality provides good material for critics.

A. mature B. considered

C. literate D. dual


27.The end ____ the means. This saying implies even a wrong or unfair method may be allowed if the result or purpose of the action is good.

A. modifies B. justifies C. purifies D. testifies


28.The ____ of Confucius built the temple in memory of their ancestor.

A. descendants B. predecessors

C. correspondents D. opponents


29.The chancellor ____ the fact that he was the centre of criticism and stuck to his reforms.

A. discharged B. disregarded

C. disguised D. disposed


30.It was courageous enough for Galileo to ____ the falling object theory developed by Aristotle, the authoritative Greek scientist.

A. advance B. defy C. justify D. translate



【参考译文】 鸡蛋廉价出售,顾客都来抢购便宜货。

【试题分析】 此题为与up搭配的词组辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 snapped up抢购;迅速抓住(机会):句中的“on sale”暗

示了“抢购”这一含义:Mr. Hayes told Bob that he would take him skiing, and Bob snapped up the offer.海斯先生告诉鲍勃说要带他去滑雪,鲍勃连忙接受他的提议。A. snatched up一把抓住或抓起:He snatched up his gun and fired.他突然拿起枪来射击。C. smashed up撞毁,击毁:smash up all the old furniture捣毁了所有的旧家具。D. summoned up鼓起(勇气);奋起:summon up the courage to speak鼓起勇气来讲话。



【参考译文】 不久,他在舞台上为自己赢得了声誉。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,尤其要区分BC两项。

【详细解答】 reputation名誉;名声(就能力和素质而言)have a reputation for laziness懒出了名。常用的搭配有:establish, build up, make a reputation (for oneself)确立,逐渐建立,赢得声誉。句中soonfor himself暗示了应该使用reputationA. popularity名气,流行(受许多人爱戴和喜欢)(with/among)。形容词为popular,意为受欢迎的:Her popularity with teenagers is just surprising.她受青年欢迎的程度真令人惊讶。B. fame名声(已经被许多人知道并被人们谈起),形容词为famous,此词通常含有褒义。常用结构:come/rise to fame出名;win/achieve/earn fame成名:He achieved fame as an educator.他获得教育家的美名。D. respect尊敬。本句中,ABC都意为名声、名气,但C.reputation强调自身的能力和素质,可好的出名,也可坏的出名,A. popularity强调被别人喜欢,受欢迎。B. fame(常有褒义)好的出名,强调一种状态。



【参考译文】 当地监狱的暴力事件使两人丧命。

【试题分析】 此题主要考搭配,题干中主语是“sth.”,宾语是“lives”,能做谓语的只有一项。

【详细解答】 cost花费(时间、劳力等),付出代价,牺牲(性命等)(不可

用被动语态)Careless driving will cost your life.粗心驾驶可能会使你丧命。本

题中cost正是这一含义。A. removed排除,消除:remove stains from clothes除去衣服上的污渍。B.taken需要,花费(某人的时间、精力、钱来干某事)It will take a lot of courage to tell the truth.说真话需要很大的勇气。D. slaughter屠杀,与violencetwo lives搭配不当。



【参考译文】 这种讨厌的味道他在口里残存了好几个小时。

【试题分析】 此题为搭配辨析题,题干中“taste”为关键词。

【详细解答】 lingered留恋不走;(习惯等)很难除掉:The custom still lingers in some villages.有些村庄里还残留着这种习俗。本句中unpleasantfor hours暗示了这种过程。B. prolonged延长;拖延: prolong a visit延长访问(的时间);主要把某事的原定时间延续。C. rested放置;搁;(把某东西靠放在某一位置)The ball rests at the edge of the table.球停留在桌边上。D. vanished消失,后跟介词from。表达方式应为:The unpleasant smell vanished from his mouth hours ago.



【参考译文】 他即将出版的那本书讨论了工业关系问题。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 forthcoming即将出现的;即将出版的。A.eventual最终的;

最后的(指某事整个环节中的最后一环,只能作定语)the eventual outcome最终结果。B. actual实际的;真实的(与事实一致的,只能作定语)an actual fact真实的事实:his actual words他的原话。D. prompt敏捷的;及时的;迅速的:a prompt decision迅速的决定;a prompt reply立即答复。



【参考译文】 在被过往的船只卷进水之前,我快速地吸了一口气。

【试题分析】 此题为搭配辨析题,根据句意来判断。BC不与“breath”搭配使用。

【详细解答】 snatched(抓住机会)迅速获得:snatch a few hours rest

趁空休息几小时。本题中managedbefore从句暗示这种含义。A. gain获得(通过努力慢慢获得)B. possess拥有(品质、资源、财产等)C. grab赶紧,匆忙地做(吃饭或睡,主要是因为忙)I will grab a sandwich before I go.走前我要赶紧吃份三明治。



【参考译文】 滑水者在水面上滑行。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,ABCD均是表示水中运动的词,根据题干中“waterskier”来判断。

【详细解答】 skim掠过,滑过,漂过(水面等)skim (over) the water掠过水面。B. float(使)漂浮(空中或水面)float a sunken ship把沉船浮起。C. drift漂流;漂移(在空中或水面慢慢移动)The wind drifted the boat toward the shore.风将小船吹向岸边。D. swam游,和句中的waterskier(滑水者)意义相斥。



【参考译文】 你看了我儿子最近收集的邮票吗?

【试题分析】 此题为名词辨析题,AB为容易混淆项。根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 acquisition增添的物或人:The girls new acquisitions

are two skirts, a hat and a pair of shoes.这女孩新近得到的东西是两条裙子,一顶

帽子和一双鞋子。句中latest(最近的)暗示了是增添的邮票。A. accumulation积累,累积(慢慢聚积)the accumulation of money, knowledge and information钱,知识和信息的积累。C. exhibit展品:Dont touch the exhibits.勿动展品。D. edition()版;版本:A new edition of his book is out now. 他的书现在出了新版本。



【参考译文】 声音很微弱,只有听觉特别好的人才听到了。

【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,ABC为近义词,D为陪衬项。

【详细解答】 faint微弱的;微小的(人的五官较难辨认清楚的,如声音、颜色、气味、光线等)a faint sound/colour/smell微弱的声音/暗淡的颜色/轻微的气味。A. dim昏暗的;模糊的(光线不足或距离太远所致,与视力有关)the dim light of a candle昏暗的烛光。B. gentle软柔的(和缓,不粗鲁)a gentle voice轻柔的声音。D. definite明确的;肯定的(说的,看到的或陈述的东西)a definite answer明确的答复。



【参考译文】 要改善关系需要彻底改变政策。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,BC容易混淆,要注意区别。

【详细解答】 drastic猛烈的;彻底的(常常是突然,强有力,并造成强烈

的反响,一般只作定语)drastic measures果断的措施:drastic changes剧烈的变化。A. severe严峻,艰难的(不友好)severe competition激烈的竞争(双方不留情面)B. violent猛烈的,剧烈的(含有暴力和难以克制的意思)a violent quarrel激烈的争吵;a violent protest强烈的抗议。D. strict严厉的;严格的(必须服从的)You had strict instructions not to tell anybody.你有严格的指示不准告诉任何人。



【参考译文】 当你选布料时,最应该注意的是其质地的好坏。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,BC为形近词,且AC为干扰项。

【详细解答】 texture质地,结构:the delicate texture of her skin

她皮肤细嫩。A. style式样。C. textile纺织品,织物。D. content内容。style衣服、家具、头发等有款式,式样;对于布要说图案、花样pattern和质地texture。



【参考译文】 我母亲到这儿只做短暂的逗留。第二天她就要飞往洛杉矶。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,AD的中文意思容易混淆。

【详细解答】 transient短暂的,片刻的:transient happiness短暂的欢

乐。A. shortened缩短的,变短的。B. prolonged延长的,长期的:a prolonged absence

长时期的缺席。C. premature过早的,早熟的:His premature death at the age of 32 i

s a great loss.32岁即早逝是一大损失。从后面的句子she would fly to Los Angeles

the next day她第二天就要飞到洛杉矶去,可知她逗留时间不长,而shortened常用来修饰衣袖、裙、裤、报告、文章等,在此句中不合适。



【参考译文】 她环视房子寻找一张椅子坐。

【试题分析】 此题考搭配辨析,即“inof”结构。

【详细解答】 in quest of为固定搭配,意思是搜寻,探求。A. question

问题,审问。C. demand需求,通常与for搭配:The workers demand for higher wages seems reasonable.工人们要求提高工资似乎很合理。D. requirement要求。



【参考译文】 你必须非常认真,这份工作需要准确性。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 entail需要,使成为必需:Writing a history book entails a lot of work.写一本历史书需要花很大的功夫。A. retail零售:These shoes retail at $10 a pair.这些鞋子以每双10美元零售。B. repel击退;使厌恶,使反感:to repel an attack击退进攻。C. retain保留,保持:to retain ones balance保持平衡。从前一句的be very careful和后句中相呼应的precision精确,可知这里说这份工作需要准确。



【参考译文】 她认识许多男青年,但想挑选一个既富有又有魅力的不容易。

【试题分析】 此题为词义辨析题,BC为近义词,而ACD在拼写上相近。

【详细解答】 eligible合格的,有资格的,适合被选作丈夫的:Up to now she hasnt found an eligible young man as her life partner.目前她还未找到一个

合格的年青人作为终身伴侣。B. qualified有资格的,合格,尤其指有知识能力够格去胜任一份工作:He is qualified for the job.他够资格做这份工作。D. elegant指行为举止礼貌优雅。A项表示勤勉的,不合题意。故C为最佳答案。



【参考译文】 他对春天郊游很热心,但他回来后却很沮丧,说他不该去。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 enthusiastic热衷的,热心的:He is enthusiastic about

collecting stamps.他热衷于集邮。B. fantastic幻想的,奇异的: a fantastic story奇怪的故事。C. courageous勇敢的:It is courageous of you to try and save the drowning man.你拯救溺水的人,真是勇敢。D. discouraged泄气的,沮丧的。这里fantastic奇异的,幻想的和courageous勇敢的,在意义上不是很符合,只有A最为恰当。



【参考译文】 若有时间和钱的话,我会很快去纽约拜访你。

【试题分析】 此题为语法题,考表示条件关系的介词短语。

【详细解答】 given假使,假若:Given the same treatment again, he is sure to get well.假如再得到同样的治疗,他一定会康复的。A. with regard to关于: With regard to your recent complaint, we will give you a solution as soon as possible.关于你最近抱怨的问题,我们将尽快给予解决。B. considering鉴于,考虑到:He wrote a very good article considering his age.考虑到他的年龄,他的文章也算写得相当好的了。D. assuming如果,假如(引导句子)Assuming it rains tomorrow, what shall we do?如果明天下雨,我们将怎么办?A. with regard toB. considering意义上不符合,D. assuming语法不符,故C. given为最佳选择。



【参考译文】 她爱说闲话,别和她接近。如果你告诉她你的烦恼,她会让所有人都知道。【试题分析】 此题为近义词辨析题,四个选项与“说话,评论”有关。

【详细解答】 gossip谈论别人长短,说闲话:Two neighbors are having nice gossip in the street.两家邻居在街上谈论东家长西家短。A. comment评论,对事件、人物、书籍等进行口头或书面评论。C. speech演说。D. appraisal对价值、品质及状况加以评价或鉴定,较为正式。从句中你把你的烦恼告诉她之后,所有人都会知道,说明她这人爱说闲话,故B最佳答案。



【参考译文】 老人亲切和蔼地帮孩子们过马路。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词比较题,AB为同根形容词。

【详细解答】 gracious和蔼的,亲切的:She is gracious enough to show us around her new house.她亲切地带着我们参观她的新房子。B. graceful行为优雅的。C. timid羞怯的。D. lively轻快的,活泼的。选项应与kind相符,A为最佳选择。



【参考译文】 物价上涨将引起(人们)要求增加工资。

【试题分析】 此题为动词与介词“off”搭配的词组辨析题。

【详细解答】 trigger发射;激起;引起:to trigger (off) a chain reaction引起连锁反应。A. trail off逐渐转弱,消失:Her interest in the work soon trailed off.她对工作的热忱不久便淡化了。B. switch off关掉电源等。D. nudge轻触,轻推,不跟off搭配:He nudged his friend to let him know it was time to leave.他轻轻碰一下他的朋友,意思是告诉他该离开了。



【参考译文】 风把乌云吹散,又看得见太阳了。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 disperse驱散:disperse the crowd驱散人群。B. distribute分发:distribute profit among investors把盈利分给投资者。C. displace取代:displace sb.取代某人之位。D. display展示:display ones tricks展示鬼点子。



【参考译文】 她非常崇拜导演,把他的话敬若神灵。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,题干中“admired”为关键词,可采用排除法来做。

【详细解答】 A. divine神的:divine rights上天赐予之权利。B. rebellious叛逆的,反抗的:a rebellious youngster一个叛逆的年轻人。C. faithful忠诚的:be faithful to对……忠诚。D.unbearable不可忍受的:unbearable indignity不堪忍受的污辱。



【参考译文】 汽车爆炸留下的残骸使交通中断。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 disrupt中断:The noise disrupted the class.吵闹声使

课堂停了下来。A. interfere (in, with)干涉:interfere in internal affairs of another country干涉别国内政。B. interpret口译,解释:interpret the consititution解释




【参考译文】 这是一场势均力敌的拳击比赛,但着蓝衫的拳手被四个裁判中的三个判为获胜。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,题干中“referee”为关键词。

【详细解答】 deem认为:I deem they can make it.我认为他们会成功的。A. destine注定的:be destin to注定要。C. doom注定的:be doom tobe destin toD. adapt改变,改编:adapt oneself to surroundings改变自己以适应周围环境。D.相差甚远,AC表示无法逆转的,非referees的意志能转移。



【参考译文】 此刻经理出差在外,我代理他的职位。

【试题分析】 此题为名词辨析题,题干中away on business为关键词。可采用排除法。

【详细解答】 deputy副手(),代理()deputy manager副经理。A. agency代理机构:travel agency旅行社。B. policy政策:ironandblood policy铁血政策。D. colleague同事,幕僚。



【参考译文】 他的双重性格为评论家提供了良好的素材。

【试题分析】 此题为形容词辨析题,可根据句意采用排除法来做。

【详细解答】 dual双重的:a dualpurpose project双重目的之计划。A. mature成熟的:mature deer成年鹿。B. considered深思熟虑的:a considered decision一个深思熟虑的决定。C. literate有知识的:a literate generation有文化的新一代。双重性质会引起不同的看法,所以评论家(critics)有东西可评了。



【参考译文】 结果好什么都好!言外之意是只要行为的目的或结果是好的,哪怕错误的或不公正的方式或手段也是可取的。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,同时考学生对俗语的掌握。

【详细解答】 justify成为理由:You cant justify your deserting your lifelong friend.你无法为你疏远你的老友辩解。A. modify改变,修饰:modify the structure of the society改变社会结构:Adjectives modify nouns.形容词修饰名词。C.purify净化:purify the air净化空气。D. testify作证:testify against sb.作不利于某人之证;The end justifies the means.是一句习语,言外之意是只要行为的目的或结果是好的,哪怕错误的或不公正的方式或手段也是可取的,结果好什么都好!



【参考译文】 孔子的后人建立宗庙来纪念他们的祖先。

【试题分析】 此题为词义辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 descendant后裔。B. predecessor先辈。C. correspondent驻外记者。D. opponent对手。correspondent是相差最远的一项;predecessors与题意相反。opponents也不致于为对立者建立寺庙。



【参考译文】 校长不顾自己成为批评的焦点而坚持自己的改革。

【试题分析】 此题为形近词辨析题,根据句意来判断。

【详细解答】 disregard撇开;不考虑:disregard the difficulties

困难置之度外。A. discharge离开,释放:He has just been discharged from hospital.

他刚出院。C. disguise装扮:disguise oneself to be an obedient man把自己装扮成听

话的人。D. dispose放置:Man proposes, God disposes.谋事在人,成事在天。句中批评

的焦点(centre of criticism)和坚持改革暗示了之间的关系:不怕批评,坚持改革。



【参考译文】 伽利略对权威的希腊科学家亚里士多德提出的自由落体定律


【试题分析】 此题为动词辨析题,可借助历史知识来判断。

【详细解答】 defy挑战,反驳:defy the law以身试法。A. advance发展:advance

a hypothesis完善某个猜想。C. justify成为理由:Your staying up last night doesnt justify your late arrival.昨晚熬夜不能成为你迟到的理由。D. translate翻译。有勇气去做的肯定是难办的事情,何况去针对权威(authoritative scientist)的观点,肯定是挑战(defy)。故选B

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