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11. B 12. D 13. A 14. C 15. D 16.B

11答案B. 由前文提到的大批的工人在星光下往家赶可知他们已从工厂下班了,只有release 含有“解放,释放”之意。

12答案D。由上题可知,unyoked是解除束缚的意思,不能表示人多。Flowed 和pouring 都有人流如潮,大量涌动的意象。而A更是不言而喻。

13答案A。主要是拿街上人流涌动与父亲孤零零站在那里,没人买他的香蕉作对比。B 中的天气即下雪天与路灯都更衬托出父亲的可怜。C中提到的各种声音更反衬出父亲的安静。D 中人流和交通都是为了衬托路上行人很多,却没有人注意到父亲。所以都不能构成对比。故选A。

14答案C。儿子帮父亲叫卖,表明它并不是腼腆的性格,同时是非常有同情心和责任感的。虽然没有人来买,他还是一直坚持叫卖,直到父亲多次劝他回家,这表明儿子是很有决心的。所以A、B、D 都是儿子性格的描述。

15. 答案D。 主人公并非工人,A 显然不对。文章没有给出在艰难环境中如何生存下去的方法,所以B也不对。父亲给儿子吃香蕉,儿子帮父亲卖香蕉,这都表明父子情深,而不是代沟问题,所以是D.

16. 答案B。作者是满怀同情来写父亲生活的艰难的。

Text B

17. D 18 A 19 A

17. 答案D。 A、B、C都是一些具体的(specific)措施,只有D 是概括性的说法。包含很多具体行为,比如B中把用具放到随手可以拿到的地方即是一种对家具重新安排。

18. 答案A。文章写作的目的是介绍一些预防骨折的方法,在第三段明确指出以下将是一些具体措施。所以是在第三段指出了写作目的。

19. 答案A。文章用了三分之二的篇幅(4-9段)讲如何避免髋骨骨折,所以这当然是本文写作的主要目的了。

Text C

20. C 21. A 22.D 23.B 24.A

20. 答案C。 文章提到future-mindedness 是美国的一个古老的传统,并举了很多以前的人们想象未来的例子。所以说是从历史的角度来写的。

21. 答案A。 参看第5段第一句。“the obliviousness to history”与 “neglect of history” 同义, “the high rate of family breakdowns” 与 “high divorce rates” 同义,“the frenzied use of natural resources” 与 “environmental disaster” 同义,所以B、C、D 都是其造成的结果。问题是哪个不是其结果,所以选A.

22. 答案D。上文有skeptical 表怀疑,含有玩世不恭的含义,可知不可能是对那些赔了钱的人欣赏或赞扬,有几分讥笑、蔑视倒是极有可能的。

23. 答案B。倒数第二段开头有: “We don’t know exactly what next future-minded frenzy will look like. We do know where it will take place: the American suburb.” 可知下一轮的future-mindedness 会发生在什么地方。

24. 答案A.. 科学家试图解释人的想象力,也即future-mindedness 从何而来。

Text D

25. C 26. B 27. A 28. C 29. B 30. D

25. 答案C。下文的maleness是对men’s sex role 的一个诠释,即有刚勇气质的男性的社会角色。

26. 答案B。A、C、D都是文章提到的原句。至于女性的智慧和决心,男性并未表示崇拜,而是怀疑。所以只有B 是第三段没有提到的。

27. 答案A. 两段都提到女性受到束缚,不能参加到很多职业和社会团体当中。所以是一致的。

28.答案C. 最后提到的由男性主动求爱的例子印证了第一句话的观点,即人们依然有一种原始的性别分工的观念。

29. 答案B。最后一段提到原始人是男性出去打猎,女性看家,这正是社会对男性角色期待的根源。

30. 答案D。 作者举了不少有成就的女性做例子,说明传统的两性社会角色正在发生改变。所以作者应该是想要改变人们这样一种观点的。

31. .答案B。考察欧美地理知识。

32. 答案B. 考察美国概况。

33. 答案A. Huston 位于美国南部,靠近墨西哥湾。

34. 答案D。 the church of England 有称 the Anglican church,是国家法律通过建立的。

35. 答案D。文学常识。

36. 答案B。文学常识。

37. 答案C。文学常识。

38. 答案B。语言学知识。

39. 答案D。语言学知识。

4.0 答案B。语言学知识。

Part IV Translation

Section A

Is there a standard to evaluate the significance of one’s life? It’s certainly difficult to offer a definite standard. But generally speaking, we can tell it by judging his attitude towards life and work, making clear whether he is serious about his life.

Throughout the history, the outstanding people were all very serious about their lives. They made best use of every minute of their lives to work and study as much as possible, never wasting their time. None of the working people and the great statesmen and thinkers were of exception.

Section B



【Sample Writing】

In recent years, it is commonly acceptable to many college students that an interview is indispensable for their future jobs. As far as I am concerned, an interview requires a series of qualities and quite a few skills for the candidates of the employment market.

Most importantly, an interviewee must be very knowledgeable about his field. The better understanding he has of the field as a whole, the more able he will be to anticipate problems and deal with unexpected events. Another important quality is the ability to delegate. A good interviewee must be willing to fulfill some tasks rather than try to control every detail. This will not only enrich experiences, but also offer him enough room to develop a variety of skills. Last but not least, a good interviewee must be even-tempered and able to offer constructive criticism. It is of no use to blame an employee for his failure without offering any useful suggestions for improvement.

An interviewee will never be able to predict all the questions he may be asked. However, he should do some role reversals and place an interviewee's self in the interviewer's shoes. Try to predict the type of questions the owner may ask; the majority will be around the job requirements as to whether an interviewee has the necessary skills and experiences to match the position. An interviewee's success depends on his flexible reactions to specific situations, either being polite or remaining professional. It is important for college students to get to know as much as possible about the world outside the campus. One reason is that knowledge without practical experience is like trying to walk on one leg. Activities outside the campus can keep a person's studies based on practical reality. Another reason is that maintaining contact with the world outside the campus helps the student become mature and responsible. There are many ways in which a student can get to know the outside world. First, the mass media can keep the student up-to-date on political, cultural and sporting events, as well as the latest development in science and technology. Secondly, voluntary social services, private teaching and surveys of factories or farms offer the student wide opportunities to get to know how ordinary people live. Personally, I intend to study hard to give myself a good foundation for my future career. At the same time, I will take every opportunity to gain experience about the world beyond the campus by doing part-time jobs.

How does an interviewee answer an awkward question without telling the interviewer a complete lie? Obviously lying to an interviewer is not a very smart approach and is sure to be found out, at which point the credibility an interviewee has developed will be completely destroyed. Instead of lying and as part of the extensive preparation an interviewee is doing, he must sit down and anticipate the awkward questions an interviewer is likely to ask. Preparing a set of glib answers very rarely works well and will do no good to the interviewee. An interviewer will see through this practice very quickly and continue to throw tough questions at the interviewee to see how he will respond. A thorough interview preparation should not be dismissed as a myth; it is a far more effective way to spend the precious time as opposed to making up or memorizing answers in anticipation of an interview.

To sum up, there is nothing more important than an interview for college students. With the above qualities and skills, I believe that an interviewee can perform his job well and inspire his spirits and courage to seek an ideal future employer. In this way the interview will be efficient, effective and, no doubt, successful.

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